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About the Camp

Unleashed provides kennel free boarding and day camp for dogs of all ages, sizes and energy levels. Located on 25 acres of fully fenced woods and fields, dogs spend their day running, playing and napping in the shade. Our team of highly trained staff supervise the dogs around the clock to make sure each and every dog is safe and having a blast at camp.


All of the staff at Unleashed adhere to a positive dog training philosophy. We use positive reinforcement, separation from the group and the tenants of animal learning theory to manage behavior and never use aversive methods such as spray bottles, choke, prong, or shock collars or any other tool to cause pain or intimidation.



In order to take great care of our dogs and the environment we all live in, Unleashed uses a composting company to dispose of our dog waste, our utilities are provided by Puget Sound Energy’s Green Program and we used repurposed and recycled materials whenever possible.


Schedule an introductory visit today and see for yourself why both dogs and humans love Unleashed!

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