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Hey, Welcome to the Unleashed 

Dog Blog!

R. Morrison

       Here, we hope to discuss animal nature, social behavior, individual play styles, breed tendencies and overall good form when handling animals and preventing dog-on-dog violence. A word of caution though, large packs of dogs require several experienced individuals to maintain harmony in the outdoor daycamp setting. Here, we will occasionally show pictures we can't put on Facebook or Instagram because those formats do not provide enough room for discussion. If you have a question or concern, speak up! We would love to tackle your dog problems with an educated and scientific perspective

       You are here because you care about the well-being of animals, and so is every single member of the staff at Unleashed. I, the lone author of this blog am currently one of many skilled, trained professional animal handlers Including a zoo keeper at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. Two Graduates of the Seattle School of Canine Studies live on the premises and we can easily boast a collective 25+ years of experience on the job.

       I like to take dog photographs and geek out about dogs. My first job was at a zoo, then I worked for an indoor dog daycare when I was 16. I've worked with 2 specialty dog hiking companies and spent 10 years in Missoula, Montana. I studied Big Horn Sheep Social behavior at the National Bison Range in MT. I went on to monitor vervet monkeys and baboons on the coast of Kenya and was even mock-charged by a fully grown African Elephant and speak a touch of Swahili if you'd believe that. The dog in the Fig. 1 is friendly with me, he was just throwing some shade. Actually, I believe the angry dog was barking at me because I WOULDN'T THROW A STICK FOR HIM TO RETRIEVE as per company policy. In the background my own dog Mavis watches and is ready to react. I remained crouched on the other side of the stream and took this picture. 

       Anyways, transitions, are great and you've already read this far, so here is a poorly written short essay about an evolutionary aspect of domesticated dog and Homo sapiens. Because, why not? A word of caution though, there is science ahead.

       Canis lupus familiaris have been around for about 12 to 15 millenia. Mainly to provide companionship to people and aid them in the fight for life, or the struggle of existence. Some dogs were bred to work or hunt, some dogs were meant to amuse, and others were bred by chance. regardless, humankind and dogkind have co-evolved an example of something very interesting called Pshycological Convergent Evolution.

from Wikipedia [sources below]

"Convergent evolution is when distantly related species independently evolve similar solutions to the same problem [ i.e. dolphins, penguins and fish all separately evolved similar appendages called "fins" over time]

 What has been found between dogs and humans is something less frequently demonstrated: psychological convergence. Dogs have independently evolved to be cognitively more similar to humans than we are to our closest genetic relatives.[140] Dogs have evolved specialized skills for reading social and communicative behavior. These skills seem more flexible – and possibly more human-like – than those of other animals more closely related to humans phylogenetically, such as chimpanzees, bonobos and other great apesThis raises the possibility that convergent evolution has occurred: both Canis familiaris and Homo sapiens might have evolved some similar social-communicative skills – in both cases adapted for certain kinds of social and communicative interactions with human beings.[141] "

       Canis lupis, long distant ancestor of familiaris is a hierarchical species by nature. When domesticated by people around 14,000 years ago, the nature of the pack changed. dogs and humans have continued to evolve together across the entire globe. you could cover most of the alphabet in the fashion of: 

Akita- Japan  

Basenji- Central Africa 

Chihuahua- Mexico

Dalmation- Croatia

       it makes for a pretty interesting list. and keep in mind this was over the course of 12-15 THOUSAND YEARS.  Some researchers suggest that dogs were domesticated by people twice in two different areas or Eurasia or even China. Dogs are a symbiote to Homo sapiens and that will probably remain so just as long as humans walk the earth. 

       Instead of competing with each other for limited resources, one could argue that dogs now compete for the favor of the resource provider. 

That would be you, that is us, that is people in general in the eyes of a domesticated dog. 

       We can open doors and dog food cans that the dog cannot, we fill the water bowls and haul heavy sacks of food, we drive them to the woods, we take them to the vet if they get injured. If you truly earn a dog's trust, and treat them with care, they recognize this and reward you with their absolute & unconditional love. A true dog lover wouldn't trade this for 1.000.000USD [42].

Dog Blog Sources:

[42} _"Can I buy your dog for 100,000 dollars?"

[140] Hare, B. (2013). The Genius of Dogs. Penguin Publishing Group. Page 60

[141] Hare B. (2005). "Human-like social skills in dogs?". Trends in Cognitive Sciences. 9 (9): 439–44.   

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