Board and Train

Our Board and Train program can help take your relationship with your dog to the next level, which we like to call Unleashed Potential! Whether you would like to improve responsiveness in distracting environments, increase situational awareness in the home or just work on basic behavior, we can customize a training plan for you and your dog, then build the foundation for you. Your dog will enjoy special attention, kennel-free boarding, plenty of playtime with dogs and humans and a learning environment full of variety to really hone those skills! You will enjoy knowing your dog is in a positive learning environment with a trainer who received certification through Seattle’s Northwest School of Canine Studies. Our methods are evidence-based, force-free and designed to foster enthusiasm for the process. $150 per day (rate includes boarding).

Wally our first Board and Train Student

Wally, our first Board and Train Graduate!

How it Works

  • We will schedule an appointment for a facility tour and introduction to your dog to make sure the program is a good fit.
  • The next step will be an in-home consultation. The consultation will last around an hour and allow the trainer to observe the dog’s home environment for inspiration and get important background information to inform the training plan.
  • A brief overview will be presented at the consultation and a complete training plan will be sent via email for questions and revisions.
  • Pick up, drop off and hand over training session will be scheduled
  • The trainer will pick up your dog (or you will drop off your dog) and belongings at the appointed time and we will jump right into some “getting to know you” activities with your pup.
  • Training hours are between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. every day that your dog boards with us. This program uses a combination of positive training techniques, enrichment, play and rest to help the brain fortify the necessary neural connections to create lasting habits and an eager response to the training process.
  • Outside of training hours your dog will benefit from socializing with other humans and dogs in the daycare environment, meals will be served as work to eat puzzles, and the trainer will pay a special visit in the evening to give some extra affection before bedtime.
  • At the conclusion of your dog’s stay with us, the trainer will collect belongings and drop off your dog at the scheduled time. This is typically when the hand-over session will take place… after an enthusiastic reunion of course! You may also pick up your dog and the training session will be scheduled separately, but we encourage keeping them as close together as possible for the smoothest transition.
  • Your hand-over training session will consist of taking turns cueing the new behaviors with the trainer and your dog. The trainer will provide guidance as well as hand outs for review. You will also receive a plan for best maintenance practices and unlimited emails and phone calls with the trainer to guide you to success!


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