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Pet Boarding Services at Unleashed

Your dog is your best friend, so it hurts to say goodbye to him for extended periods of time. You're not only going to miss him; you're also likely to worry about his health and welfare instead of focusing on your vacation, reunion, surgery, business conference or other activities. But the good news is that you don't have to leave your pet alone at home, with only brief visits from friends or neighbors. Here at Unleashed, we give Renton dogs all the comforts of home as well as a safe environment under caring professional supervision.

Pet Boarding Services at Unleashed

Why Boarding Makes All the Difference

It's true that many pet owners simply ask someone to feed and check on their pets a couple of times a day in the owners' absence -- but this arrangement can be a recipe for trouble. Pets can get into a lot of scary situations during those long, unsupervised hours -- including household accidents and unanticipated medical crises. Senior animals, or animals with known medical conditions, may need more regular care and monitoring than your friend or neighbor is able to provide, including precise, regular dosages of medications or special dietary issues. You don't want to leave your pet's health to chance when he needs ongoing, professional-quality care.

Your pet's emotional state also benefits from a boarding environment. Animals who aren't used to being alone may feel that they've been abandoned. This can lead to a problem called separation anxiety, in which unhappy pets may howl, damage property, or even attempt to escape the home. By contrast, a boarding facility offers plenty of reassuring companionships, not only from humans but from other pets as well.

Unleashed Is Your Clear Choice for Boarding Services

If you want your Renton dog to have the nicest possible experience while you're away, bring him to Unleashed. Our boarding facility for an initial visit. Our 25 acres of woods and fields offer plenty of room to play, exercise, socialize, enjoy nutritious meals, or just stretch out and relax. Our trained, experienced team members will watch over your pet with great care and tend to any needs that he may have during his stay.

One of the nicest things about our boarding facility is that isn't just for boarding. We can also provide training services to help your pet learn how to obey commands, get along with other animals, and become a happier member of your family. 

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Are you ready to give your dog a "vacation" of his own? Peruse this site to see our rules, fees, and procedures -- and then call our Renton office at (206) 330-8758 for an appointment!


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