• Laurie Cox
    Owner of Unleashed Boarding

    Laurie has been walking dogs off-leash since 2007. She opened the doors to Unleashed Dog Camp in 2012. She built this business on the belief that our customers’ dogs are family members and so we should view them as deserving of respect and loving care. She is a graduate of Seattle School of K9 Studies with a focus on animal learning theory and positive training techniques. Laurie has two dogs, Ripley and Walter. Ripley is a sweet ol’ girl who doesn’t roam with the group anymore, but she still has her favorite old time friends who have been coming to camp for years. Walter is a spicy chiweenie with lots of personality who loves every dog he meets!

  • Reese
    Staff Manager, Animal Enrichment

    Reese is a native to The Rocky Mountains. He has spent the better part of a decade working with wild packs of family dogs in CO, MT, WY, and WA.  He has a college education from the University of Montana with focus on evolutionary theory and social behavior in terrestrial mammals. He is also a skilled mandolin player and toured throughout the Midwest with a band called “The Whiskey Hooves.” He also enjoys the visual arts, travel, language, and photography. His 4-year-old dog Mavis is a big fan of smooth jazz and tropical fish.

  • Davis
    Office Manager, Animal Enrichment

    Davis has worked for Unleashed for three and a half years and this is his very first job. He loves working at Unleashed to connect with the dogs and treat them like they were a part of his own family. He runs the front desk in the morning and knows every single dog that comes in by name. He’s played soccer his entire life and currently attending University of Washington working on a degree in Marine Biology. He also has a dog named Goose, who you may see jumping any fence here because he doesn’t like to be separated from Davis—and nothing can contain his superdog powers.

  • Adam
    Maple Valley Pack Lead

    Adam is a native to the Puget Sound and a professionally trained French chef with a specialty in Patisserie & Baking from Western Culinary Institute. Adam has a passion for working with special needs and handicapped animals, with expertise in cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Adam’s favorite thing about working at Unleashed is his Tri-pawed pup, Sophie, gets to come to work with him and play all day. Sophie loves jumping through the snow, curling up next to the fire, and eating green beans fresh from the garden.

  • Emily L.
    West Seattle Pack Lead

    Emily is new to the Unleashed team, but has two years of dog daycare experience and a lifetime of dog ownership! When she's not working, Emily can be found writing novels and eating vegan junk food. She has two dogs of her own, a nervous pittie-mix named Jess and a goofy Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Sodapop.

  • Emily R.
    South Seattle Pack Lead

    Emily has been working professionally with dogs for three years and is new to our Unleashed team. She loves being in an outdoor space with kennel-free dogs, (in contrast to her previous experience with indoor-only facilities). She’s great at taking adorable dog pictures and loves hiking, camping, as well as reading fiction and adventure books. Fred, her fun-loving chow, is never afraid to speak up for what he wants and will talk loudly and beg for attention.

  • Josh
    Renton Pack Lead

    Josh is one of the employees who has been here the longest, so he knows just about every dog who has come to camp! He prefers a life surrounded by dogs. In addition to loving the dogs, his favorite thing about working at Unleashed is that he loves the human team here and can always count on his coworkers.

  • Heather
    Morning Shift Lead, Animal Enrichment

    Heather is the momma of the pack. Mother of seven humans, two K9’s, one feline and a rabbit, when not working with all the fur babies that come to daycare. She has 20+ years of nurturing, training and caring for the dog world, and working for Unleashed since August of 2018.  Her hobbies include belly dancing for Jeweled Scarab Dance Company, a traveling entertainment group, all that comes with raising kids, and being a really good cook!

  • Maggie
    Shift Lead, Animal Enrichment

    Maggie is from the sunshine state of Florida, where she got her degree in Zoo Animal Technology from Santa Fe College. While in school, she did an Operant Conditioning internship at a dog rescue, where she got her first official dog handling experience (not including her beagle pup at home, Mollie). She has now worked at Unleashed since August 2017 and has loved every second of it! When she is not giving pups belly scratches and ridiculous nicknames at Unleashed, she is also a Zookeeper at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma where she cares for tigers, tapirs, and more. In her spare time, she loves to be outdoors hiking, swimming, or napping in a hammock.

  • Katie
    Admin Assistant, Animal Enrichment

    Katie has been working with dogs professionally for seven years, including raising a puppy for the Guide Dog foundation, volunteering at animal shelters, dog walking and sitting, and working part-time at Unleashed for two and a half years. She loves working at Unleashed because she believes in the company’s mission to raise the standard for dog care. She has two playful dogs, Luna and Kato, who are always excited to come to work with her. Kato is an obsessive face licker, master cuddler, and expert food scrounger; Luna is an obsessive compulsive fetch player (her record is five hours straight!).

  • Cari
    Pack Handler, Animal Enrichment

    Cari is our part-time animal expert and has been working at Unleashed since November 2018. She received her MS in Animal Behavior in 2006 and has been training animals since 1999. She even used to train sea lions and hooved animals! Her favorite part of working at Unleashed is working in an off-leash/kennel-free environment. Her cat, Bodette, rolls over upon her arrival to present her belly for petting and follows her around like a dog. When she is not working at Unleashed, she works at a boxing gym and files pet insurance claims. In her free time, she loves all the typical PNW activities like camping and hiking.

  • Dyllan
    Pack Handler, Animal Enrichment

    Dyllan had worked at Unleashed since September 2018. He is in his final year of high school and will be attending college next year to study math and accounting. Dyllan has a natural talent for being with dogs and even nervous pups quickly become his friends. He is a pineapple enthusiast and lives with a host of furry critters at home!

  • Mark
    ​Pack Handler, Animal Enrichment

    Mark has over three years of professional dog handling experience, and grew up with dogs and pet-sat for neighbors since he was a kid. He grew up in Loxahatchee, South Florida and got his degree in Zoo Animal Technology from Santa Fe College. Mark is also a Zookeeper at NW Trek Wildlife Park and works with otters, snakes, golden eagles, wolverines. He has an adorable new husky puppy named Mook, who loves to nap and cuddle with whoever is available!


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